Monday, July 04, 2011

News agencies throw bar under the bus for "many fake IDs," as ATC tells violators to ride, not walk.

Obviously, the young woman's disappearance is far more grave than considerations of under-aged drinking; still, this article provides an interesting glimpse into ATC methodology when it comes to enforcing probably the single dumbest law in America.

Of particular interest to me: "“We have to see them get into that vehicle."

However, note that the citations being issued are for fake IDs, not drunkenness. Just as with the compulsive Prohibitionist's assumption that all drinkers under the age of 21 would drink uncontrollably if not barred from drinking, which leads to them drinking uncontrollably, anyway, and illegally (and dangerously) at that, now there's an injunction against walking home after a violation, even if home is right around the corner.

Huh? Is this a reporter error?

Bar that missing Indiana University student visited draws many fake IDs

... Travis Thickstun, spokesman for the state alcohol and tobacco commission, said patrolling excise officers focus their enforcement efforts on groups of young-looking people or in places where they have complaints. He said they don't target specific businesses ...

... Thickstun said excise police focus on places where underage drinkers are known to congregate.

He said tickets for fake IDs are issued mostly outside bars and that officers seize the ID. They also require those who receive tickets to get rides home from sober friends or call a cab.

“We have to see them get into that vehicle,” he said. “They cannot walk home, even if it's just a few blocks away, by themselves.”

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