Monday, July 25, 2011

Bob Ostrander's new book is called, "Hoosier Beer."

Our old friend Bob Ostrander's new book is called Hoosier Beer: Tapping into Indiana Brewing History (the co-author is Derrick Morris), and here's the introduction.

Indiana became a state in 1816 and in that year our first two commercial breweries opened. Since then over 350 licensed breweries have offered cool, refreshing beer to Hoosiers, made by Hoosiers. 200 years of history.

Hoosier Beer chronicles, city by city, the rise from small family backyard breweries, breweries at religious orders, large factory breweries, two prohibition periods, massive mega-conglomerates, brewpubs, and back to small family-owned breweries that offer a wide variety of beers directly to customers fresh at the brewery.

Bob will be appearing at the Public House soon to plug the book and conduct a fun and educational pub quiz. Stay tuned for the date and time; our people are talking to his people as I write ... well, maybe.


Bob Ostrander said...

Pick the date.

The New Albanian said...

I have circulated your e-mail to the crew at the Pizzeria & Public House. We'll figure it out no later than Friday after the weekly meeting.