Thursday, July 07, 2011

Medical expenses benefit for Jeff "Professor" Gesser, at BBC St. Matthews all weekend.

Even those readers who are only loosely associated with the Louisville beer and brewing community know Jeff "Professor" Gesser, who has tended bar at Bluegrass Brewing Company St. Matthews for many years, and as a sidelight, organizes amazing beer & bus trips to sporting events and festivals through Rick & Jeff Tours.

Jeff's business partner at Rick & Jeff Tours is Rick Southward, who sent this out today; here's the Facebook link,, and I'll reprint the text, too (below). In short, Jeff's doing fine, but he needs some help.

My thoughts: Jeff's been a stalwart of the local craft beer scene pretty much from the beginning, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that eating some barbecue and drinking a few beers is a great way for those who've enjoyed his companionship over the years to give a little back. I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it over, but I hope to see many of you there at some point this weekend.

A number of you know my friend and business partner, Jeff Gesser. Well, here is a little you may or may not know.

Thirteen months ago Jeff suffered a life threatening pulminary embolism. This event brought with it a number of life style changes, and a few lingering complications, to the tune of three additional surgeries.

The biggest, or smallest depending on perspective, change in my big buddy's life is that he is shrinking... before our eyes. At the last count I heard, he has lost 173 pounds.

BBC's benefit this weekend is a celebration of the changes Jeff has made. The money raised will help offset the hospital bills that have stacked up on him over the last year.

To do so, there will be bands and barbecue outside at the St. Matthews BBC. Friday barbecue will be Memphis style, with Texas style on Saturday and Owensboro style on Sunday. The bands are Dirty Church Revival on Friday, Red Shag Bula on Saturday and Slow Charleston on Sunday.

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