Friday, May 06, 2011

Urbain madness at Bank Street and the Public House, Sunday and Monday -- for collaborations and more.

Tour organizers (and great beer dispensers) Lori Beck and Tyler Trotter are putting Urbain "Struise" Coutteau through the Derby Week party paces during his B'Urban Trail 2011, which finds him at Louisville Beer Store for the aftermath of the Oaks, and Holy Grale for post-Derby madness.

But there's more.

On Sunday (May 8), Urbain joins David Pierce and Jared Williamson, and Lori and Tyler, for brunch, Bloody Marys and an afternoon collaboration brew at NABC's Bank Street Brewhouse. I'm told that the target recipe is a Belgian Blonde Ale with American hops, reportedly to be called Naughty Girl.

Then on Monday, May 9, there'll be another collaboration at NABC's R & D brewery at the Pizzeria & Public House, this time involving a Derby-inspired Imperial India Pale Ale with bourbon-soaked oak spirals and mint. It turns out that Urbain is an ostrich farmer in his spare (?) time, and grafting jockeys onto ostriches leads inevitably to visions of B'Urban Trotter Ale.

Let's hope NABC's graphics wizard Tony Beard is reading.

Monday will conclude with an Office Hours Special Edition in Prost, with our Monday night tasting session transformed into a post-brewing day recap party and meet 'n' greet with Urbain, who presumably will return to Belgium later in the week for an extended stint in rehab ... as will I, but without going to Belgium (damn).

Expect Office Hours beers from Struise, NABC, and others, depending on what can be foraged.

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