Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Governor Mitch Daniels, chief executive beer wanker.

I never thought there would come a time when I’d thank National Review for being anything other than resembling a waste of healthy trees, but just when I was least expecting it, suddenly there’s value in it, as announced by the most misleading headline of the month, and perhaps of the year.

Mitch Daniels: Not a Light Beer Man

The article by a beer-clueless political commentator goes on to note this amazing admission:

His favorite beer, (Daniels) said, is Foster’s — but that’s only when he’s home. When he’s out, he likes to drink Grolsch or St. Pauli Girl.

We learn that the Hoosier state's first-ever Falangist governor is capable of making “it through at least two beers” in a setting, and that Foster's Lager -- Australian for “Totally Fake and Not Even Brewed There, Mate” -- is his favorite when being seen in public.

That's bad enough. Worst yet, while not “light” in name, all the beers mentioned are pisswater lagers.

But there’s still more: In a state with almost 40 craft breweries, St. Daniels still proudly drinks imports, and wretched ones at that.

Note to America: He's going to run for President. Don't believe a word of it, okay? His record in office is as bad as his taste in beer.


Rick500 said...

Kind of hoping he makes a run for Pres. Not being an Indiana resident, it'll be my first chance to vote against him.

Steve said...

Oh, he's going to run, count on it. He will be the Republicans only hope to win the White House.

B.W. Smith said...

Foster's: Australian for Crap.