Friday, May 27, 2011

Jared "Collaboration" Williamson is interviewed at Hoosier Beer Geek.

Over at the Hoosier Beer Geek blog, there's a fine recap of our recent collaboration brews in the form of an interview with Jared Williamson, NABC brewmaster.

Struise In Indiana

Two Indiana breweries were recently visited by De Struise Brouwers' Urbain Coutteau. HBG readers may know of Mr. Coutteau from our January 2008 interview, or perhaps by his reputation as part of the brewery that was named's 2008 best brewery in the world.

Urbain's visit wasn't just a vacation (though he did attend the Kentucky Derby) - his brewery visits lead to collaboration. Both Three Floyds and New Albanian played host, and it's safe to assume that we can expect fantastic beers as a result.

We contacted New Albanian's Jared Williamson to get more details about the New Albanian/Struise efforts.

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