Sunday, April 03, 2011

Office Hours hiatus: We will seek to return on April 25.

Blame it partly on Butler’s second NCAA title run, and also on politics, my city council campaign and a generally overcrowded spring schedule. The upshot is this: Office Hours with the Publican must take a break.

On Monday night (April 4th), we’ll all be distracted by basketball, and not only that, there’s a city council meeting to attend.

There are campaign events on the following two Mondays (April 11 and 18). At each, all the council candidates have the opportunity to speak, and given that most of my politicking so far has taken place where I drink, I can’t turn down chances to address groups of people.

This leaves us with the possibility of returning to Office Hours on the 25th, and we may be able to squeeze another four or five sessions into the time remaining before summer break. We still have a few BJCP categories to cover, and will do so.

To summarize: No Office Hours until the 25th of April. Thank you for understanding.

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