Saturday, April 09, 2011

Indy & Prague: Two links about beer books.

The first book link is about a topic closer to home and a West Coast blogger's ruminations on Hoosier beer: Specifically, John’s and Nate’s “Indiana Breweries.”

Hoosiers and Beavers

A little while ago, John Holl and I exchanged books. I got his real live Indiana Breweries (with Nate Schweber), published by an actual publisher, and he got Best of Beervana, published (and unedited) by me.

The second addresses my European travel bug, one currently suppressed out of necessity, but that I hope one day might be indulged again, just as in days of old.

Out at last!

Perhaps, those of you who don't follow my Facebook Page have been wondering about my long silence here. The answer is simple, I was working really hard finishing My Book, "Prague: A Pisshead's Pub Guide", which I was finally able to do yesterday (Sunday).

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