Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BSB Sunday afternoon: All of it tasted just as good as all of it looks.

Matt, Bernie and the kitchen crew have hit the ground running since Josh's departure. Mr. and Mrs. Publican spent a lovely Sunday afternoon on the patio at Bank Street Brewhouse playing Scrabble with a friend, drinking and sampling from the menu. Here's what we had, before leaving with a growler of NABC Tafelbier (Sunday carry-out beer sales in Indiana are from breweries only!)

In the top photo (from top right, clockwise): Asian chicken wings, shrimp ceviche, salad with fruit slices, and Philly cheese steak.

In the bottom photo: Garlic hummus (left) and Kalamata hummus (right).

The beer was NABC Mt. Lee (California Common, deliciously hoppy and clean) and a Bloody Mary fashioned from the build-your-own bar.

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