Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Class tonight.

It's opening night for the first-ever advanced installment of my IUS non-credit class, entitled Even More to Beer.

The majority of students previously completed my introductory course, and perhaps owing to the novelty of there being a part two, enrollment is 22 -- an all time high, and a very pleasing number.

Here's what you're missing. The Here's to Beer section will again be offered on Wednesdays in June; contact the Continuing Ed folks at IUS for information (I'll have a listing here soon).


Even More to Beer: IUS non-credit course

April 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2011

Roger A. Baylor, instructor and carnival barker

April 6
20 questions
American craft beer by the pitcher

April 13
In the NABC brewery: With Roger, David Pierce and Jared Williamson; NABC beers to be announced

April 20
Belgian Ale Immersion: A bastion of traditional eclectic European brewing explored, with help from the Louisville Beer Store

April 27
Cellar Door Selections: Tasting of rarities from the Public House lock box

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