Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More on bottles and the "J" team.

Photos of the crew can be viewed here: Bottles up, by Kevin McGloshen (News and Tribune). As you can see, there's nothing much automated (or glamorous) about small-time bottling.

Meet the workers: Josh Hill you probably already know, and perhaps recently designated brewery tech Jeremy Kennedy, too; Jesse Jacobsen has been doing some part-time "intern" work assisting Jared Williamson at the original NABC brewhouse.

Thanks to their labors, we're getting bottles out the door.


johnking said...

Is the Laverne and Shirley theme play in the background most bottling sessions?

The New Albanian said...

Yesterday it was some sort of speed metal.

Anonymous said...

Master of Puppets and RATM (killin in the name of...)

Rick500 said...

Those pics remind me of my own past bottling efforts in my kitchen. Right down to the bottle-one-have-one method. :)