Thursday, June 17, 2010

NABC World Cup Series resumes Friday morning with the debut of "USA vs Slovenia – Keller Pils."

In the aftermath of USA's draw against England, American opening round football action in the World Cup resumes on Friday morning (June 18) at 10:00 a.m. local time. NABC's Bank Street Brewhouse again will be the scene of a special tapping to commemorate the occasion, as the second of three small batches, designed to debut on the same day as USA's first three World Cup matches, makes appearances in multiple formats.

Friday's "USA vs Slovenia – Keller Pils," with a gravity-poured countertop pin (Anstich, anyone?) broached at the special opening hour of 10:00 a.m. at Bank Street Brewhouse, and a firkin on the hand pull at the NABC Pizzeria & Public House (Sportstime and Rich O's). Standard CO2 pours will immediately follow depletion of the pin and firkin at the respective locations.

Got it? Here's the report, with beer facts supplied by Jared Williamson, who conceived the World Cup Series, and historical meanderings by the Publican (me).

USA vs Slovenia – Keller Pils

Malts: Weyermann Bohemian Pils, Weyermann Vienna, Briess Cara-Pils, Rahr White Wheat

Malts note by Jared: Comprised of both European and North American malts, this Pils aims to be a hybrid of sorts. While Euro malts dominate the grist, the Cara-Pils and Wheat supply a subtle depth to the body.

Hops: 100% Slovenian-grown Styrian Goldings

Hops notes by Jared: Providing the true Slovenian aspect, Styrian Golding hops are a hybrid in themselves. Long ago, transplanted Fuggles hops from the UK were established in the suitable microclimate of modern day Slovenia, and became what we now know as Styrian Goldings.

Styrian Goldings are not quite as spicy and earthy as Fuggles, but they’re not completely Noble hops, either. They have a unique quality in European continental hops, and I approached their use much as the American-bred brewer I am, hopping the Keller Pils seven (7) different times, including first wort hops, and dry-hopping in both the cask and draft versions. The results are a comprehensive study of Styrian Goldings’ across-the-board capabilities.

Yeast: San Francisco Common Lager

Yeast notes by Jared: Bringing an American aspect is our beloved house lager strain. Versatile and trusted to handle whatever style and gravity we throw at it, the Common Lager again echos the hybrid aspect of this Pils. I fermented somewhere in between the usual German lager temps and that of our Common styles.

O.G.: 1044

ABV: 3.9%

IBU: 36

Color: 3.4 degree Lovibond SRM

Style notes by Roger: Less about style, more about history this time. From the Middle Ages, the Duchy of Styria was a possession of the House of Habsburg, ethnic German rulers of the Austrian Empire. Multi-ethnic Styria was a part of the Holy Roman Empire until its formal dissolution during Napoleonic times, then was administered by Austria-Hungary until the end of World War I.

Historic Styria now is divided between Austria and Slovenia, the latter holding the distinction of being the first Yugoslav state to break away (largely non-violently) prior to the civil war during the 1990’s. Slovenia is the first former Yugoslav entity to join the European Union, and has emerged from regional turmoil as perhaps the most stable and progressive Balkan country.

Jared’s Keller Pils for the USA vs Slovenia opening round match in the World Cup stirs overlapping personal and olfactory memories.

In 1987, Slovenia was my very first point of entry into the Communist zone, even if Yugoslavia itself was considered to be non-aligned. Furthermore, the notion of Keller Pils, while differing in precise formulation from the well-made golden lagers I drank while touring Slovenia, remains evocative of many wonderful beers enjoyed since then: Styles like Kellerbier and Ungespundetes in Franconia, and Zwicklbier in Austria, stand out as enduring exemplars of classic lager brewing technique, with clean but firm malt profiles, inimitably Noble hop burnish, and an innate ability to make pork dishes sing light opera. A sprinkling of Jared’s New World brewing touches merely adds to the tasty intrigue.

For those interested in my travels, circa 1987, here are links to the as-yet uncompleted "Red Stars, Black Mountains" series. Parts 2 and 3 are the most relevant today.

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David Lasoski said...

What is the status of USA vs England - Ordinary Bitter?

Any left at either location?

The New Albanian said...

I had one at the Public House yesterday ... I'm under the impression that it will continue there, but we were flying though it at an accelerated clip.