Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hoosier Beer Geek on NABC Beak's Best: "Tastes like a good brewery smells."

From the Hoosier Beer Geek blog comes praise, both for the evolving Fountain Square craft beer habitat in Indianapolis, and for NABC Beak's Best. I may be biased, but I strongly believe that Beak's has itself evolved into a wonderful conceptual hybrid of an ale, a bit beyond session alcoholic strength, and yet not so strong at 5.3% abv that it precludes a jar or three.

Thanks to Cavalier Distributing for sliding Beak's Best into the Indy tap mix, and to HBG for the kind words.

KOTBR #105 - The Zoo That Is Fountain Square

The White Rabbit has four taps pouring three craft beers and PBR (at damn fine prices, I might add; the bottle list is great too). Sticking with Indiana beers (and continuing the zoo theme), we opted for a New Albanian Beak's Best (you know, beak... bird... bird's have beaks...okay, I'm reaching. So what?). This American take of the English Bitter beer has become one of my favorite go-to beers. It has a clean nose, a sweet first taste, and a hop punch that follows. Much like Sun King's Wee Mac, it is a highly sessionable beer. Especially if you drink like an elephant.

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