Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indiana politicking: Cold beer and Sunday sales for your neighborhood hypermarket?

Everyone knew that a big legislative push was coming this year in Indiana from retail entities not permitted to sell alcohol for carry-out on Sunday, or to sell cold beer anytime.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, which represents package stores, remains opposed, and the reason why I chose this article over an Indy Star boilerplate reprint in today's Courier-Journal is this reference to a liquor store owner in Leo-Cedarville:

"Kohrman said he stocks microbrews and imports that cannot be found at other retail locations."

Think about the products you typically see at corporate supermarkets and drug emporiums. If you've ever been involved with the booze business, you already know how and why those (mostly) mass-produced alcoholic products make it onto the shelf in such venues for razor-thin margins. It's food and drink for thought.
Repeal of alcohol blue laws sought; Group revives legislative push for Sunday carryout sales, by Jeff Wiehe and Niki Kelly (Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette).

FORT WAYNE – With more time to convince legislators during a budget year, a statewide coalition of drug, grocery and convenience stores is confident in repealing a law that bans the sale of alcohol at those businesses on Sundays.

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