Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a wee bit more about the Curmudgeon's lamentable Artestian Complex.

Briefly, permit me to convey heartfelt thanks to all who've relayed support in the aftermath of my departure from LEO. I deeply appreciate your comments.

It's ironic that during the weeks just prior to the weirdness, I seemed to be getting more reader compliments about the "Mug Shots" column than ever before. Life's funny that way. The important part to me is that so many of you have confessed to not agreeing with me all the time, but continued reading, anyway. That's a truly free market in ideas, whether or not one becomes too alternative for the acceptably alternative, as apparently I have.

And no, I've no idea whether my absence will be noted. Will A-B InBev take out a full-page, congratulatory ad? Only the bean counters know.

Meanwhile, I've had two conversations with other Internet portals about for-pay beer writing, and while I contemplate these and other post-column-divorce matters, it is my aim to stick to writing right here, at this blog.

There was a good conversation at the Louisville Restaurants Forum last week, and if you go straight to page two, you can find a few of my expanded thoughts on the matter.

Thanks again -- and let's all have a beer together very soon, because in the end, that's what it's really all about.

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