Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Mug Shots" today in LEO: "Local baseball, local beer" -- and a shout-out to Studio's.

The AAA Louisville Bats open at home next week, and the eternal question revisits us: Will there be real beer at the ballpark this summer? It's possible, and that's all there is to say just now. Is there a way for all the players to make money? That's the current consideration. What will happen? I don't know.

While I can't say what Sun King had to do to achieve it, the Indy brewery's canned beer will be available during Indianapolis Indians games this summer, and that's wonderful.

Mug Shots: Local baseball, local beer

From Pete Browning’s slugging in the 1880s, to the craftsmanship of Brian Reymiller at Browning’s today, baseball and beer in Louisville should be inseparable in locality and spirit. It cannot be unassisted, but it is the perfect double play: beer brewed here, and baseball played here. Let’s hope for the best at the ballpark this summer.
Also in today's LEO, Kevin Gibson endorses the stuffed cheeseburger at Studio's Grill and Pub, which is located on Main Street in New Albany. For me, post-council wings and Sierra Nevada remain the Studio's tradition of choice. I've spoken with the proprietor about draft NABC, and we're jointly scouting a small keg box for the purpose.

Studio’s Grill and Pub stuffs it right

It’s almost an obsession now. This stuffed cheeseburger is the stuff of cravings. It’s a one-third pound patty of lean ground beef infused with onions, hunks of bacon (yes, bacon) and seasonings, grilled to your specifications, topped with cheddar or blue cheese crumbles, and served with homemade chips and a pickle spear for a princely $7.75.

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