Thursday, April 29, 2010

A memorable Wednesday of education, music, food and beer.

Freely conceding my bias, permit me to say that Wednesday evening at Bank Street Brewhouse was the sort of festive and happy time that vindicates all the stress and hard work.

The last session of my IUS non-credit beer class met at BSB on Wednesday night, and it was an informative ending for another fine group of 17. The February class was more experienced in beer, and knew more of what to expect. Many participants in the April section had less knowledge of beer’s stylistic diversity, and occasionally some of them ducked the high, hard ones … but in the end, I think they progressed wonderfully.

On Wednesday night, artist Leticia Bajuyo and her assistant completed work on the Bicentennial Art Project installation. When night falls, sensors trip the lights inside the walls of the trapezoid, illuminating the beer bottles. We’re looking at redirecting one of the security lights on the side of the Taxpayer Memorial Patio so as to enhance the sculpture’s lighting.

There was a cask-conditioned firkin of single-hop Amarillo APA that didn’t last long, and of course the music of Gumbo Family Quartet, Jared’s and Tommy’s new/old aggregation of musicians. I enjoyed what I heard. The garage doors were up, and Chef Josh’s culinary choices were impeccable, as always. People were moving in and out and around, soccer was on the screen above the bar, and outside, it was still humble New Albany, but enhanced by the experience.

Like I said, I’m biased. And vindicated.

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