Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falls City Beer? It's in today's LEO.

A month ago I ran into David Easterling at River City Distributing annual beer expo, and he gave me the lowdown on his "new" Fall City, which I turned into a formal interview and wrote as one of my Mug Shots columns for LEO. In turn, my editor Sara Havens informed me that Kevin Gibson had already written a Falls City piece for the newspaper's pre-Derby Bar Guide, released today.

Much to my delight, we didn't approach the return of Falls City from the same angle (with one fatherly exception), and so both of us are published back to back in today's issue.

The return of Falls City beer - my interview and a bit of the brand's history.

New Falls City Catching on with local beer drinkers - Kevin visited two Louisville taverns for feedback from the drinking public.


Doctor Tarr said...

"American Pale Ales (APAs) are a little hoppy for the average lager drinker" is his way of telling me not to bother trying it.

It seems that every brewpub (except yours) makes a "golden" "refreshing" ale that is intended to appeal to watery American pilsner drinkers, and I've yet to taste one that was good.

The New Albanian said...

We do, too -- in an off-kilter sense. It's Abzug, a style from Central Europe that Jared researched. We needed to have something "golden" for Bank Street, where there are no guest beers. However: It is aggressively hopped, so not really flavorless.