Thursday, October 22, 2009

Selling beer.

It is axiomatic, isn't it? One must sell the product, or all the production in the world is meaningless. It strikes me that I haven't introduced Josh Hill, who is NABC's junior outside sales representative on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. Josh is concentrating primarily on making friends and finding draft lines on Floyd and Clark counties, although we'll be broadening that to include a bit of territory to the east and west. John Campbell's still working the Louisville side (via River City Distributing).

The idea remains to self-distribute in Floyd and Clark counties, while Cavalier Distributing service the remainder of the state. Our first keg shipment went to Cavalier earlier this week, so if you're pub owner or beer fan outside of our limited southern self-distribution area, know that Beak's Best, Bob's 15-B and Elector are available. If you like our beers, the best way to help is ask your local to check out Cavalier's line of NABC drafts.

Our sales effort is evolving, so for further information, contacts and a sales pitch, write me or Josh.

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antzman said...

Congrats on getting the kegs off to Cavalier. I saw their truck full of them as they were making a delivery here on Wednesday.