Thursday, October 15, 2009

No reason to believe that absolute power doesn't continue to corrupt Big Red Liquors absolutely.

I noticed somewhere that today marks the beginning of a Big Red Liquors (Bloomington monopoly package store chain) hagiographical/masturbatory fest of one stripe or another.

It's been more than six years since NABC's famous brush with Big Red, a story I've published several times. It's here:

Now more than ever, absolute power corrupts Big Red Liquors absolutely.

The Publican seldom holds grudges. This is one of them. Read my piece ... and then go pay tribute to the monopolist Philistines. But have an Elector first, because as long as I'm alive, you won't see one being sold by Big Red.


Timothy said...

Out of curiosity, what is the legal standing on this. I know in some states that they require that you sell you product to whomever orders it, so you couldn't for example have a store exclusive brand. Trader Joes ran into this somewhere (one of the Carolina, IIRC) with their Two Buck Chuck, which on now available in places other than Trader Joes in that state.

The New Albanian said...

It's moot now, as they don't sell draft product and we don't can or bottle.

If we're using a wholesaler, then there's not way to keep it away from them. I'm curious as to the interpretation if we would choose self-distribution to Bloomington (a legal option in Indiana).

Given that if the same people are on board at Big Red, it's safe to assume that they dislike us as much as I dislike them, so there's little danger of them wanting our products.

antzman said...

This story always reminds me why I'm glad we get along so well.