Friday, October 16, 2009

Cask-conditioned VII Anniversary is mighty fine.

Lupulin Land is underway, with a new twist: Firkins of NABC's VII - 7th Anniversary Ale on the hand pull at the Pub & Pizzeria (along with the remainder of the Lupulin Land starters) and Bank Street Brewhouse.

I took the bicycle out for a cool and wet ride earlier this afternoon, and after 25km, I stopped into Bank Street for a pint of VII. It certainly felt like a day in England (or Seattle), and just as brewer Jared Williamson described it, VII pours dark for an IPA and seemed to mirror the outdoors in a purely intentional way. I've seen and tasted a few "dark" hoppy craft brews, and our version strikes me as representative and tasty. Carbonation is moderate in the cask version. My overall impression is favorable.

It won't last long on the hand pull. Regular CO2 kegs go on tap at both locations next Friday, October 23.

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