Thursday, August 13, 2009

NABC brewing schedule for the remainder of 2009 (part one).

As the first batches brewed at NABC’s Bank Street Brewhouse near completion, here’s a look at what we’ll be trying to achieve in terms of brewing schedules and releases.

Much of the following information originates with Jared Williamson, who has been considering to role to be played by the original garage brewery. Of course, this is merely an outline, and is subject to alteration.

Beginning downtown, where David Pierce and Jesse Williams man the Bank Street Brewhouse, the mission is brewing, packaging and distributing the core NABC portfolio of ales, those fermented with the house London yeast:

Beak’s Best
Bob’s Old 15-B
Community Dark

Of the preceding, only Community Dark is not on the “official” list of NABC brands for Louisville distribution through River City. However, it remains available. We’re “waiting and seeing” whether Community Dark becomes a full-fledged distribution brand, and in the meantime, we’ll still sell it to interested Louisville accounts who ask, and deliver it to New Albany accounts that already have it or want it. It’s become one of the downtown favorites, and we don’t want to lose that.

Some other seasonal/rotating brands using the London ale yeast will be brewed at BSB (Thunderfoot among them), but most of these will be brewed at NABC Grant Line as needed by Jared with the London yeast.

All five listed above will be kegged at Bank Street for serving on tap at Bank Street, and transported to Grant Line for serving on tap there. Indeed, there’ll be a regular “internal distribution” shuttle carrying beer back and forth.

Jared runs the original garage brewery at NABC Grant Line, and is charged with brewing seasonal/rotating specialties and one-offs, primarily (but not exclusively) with the other two yeast strains used by NABC: Belgian Saison, and California Common (hybrid for our lagers).

Two brands from each yeast strain will be brewed to fill the existing serving tanks at Grant Line:

Abzug & Mt. Lee (lagers)
Tafel & Tunnel Vision (Belgians)

The provisional seasonal brewing schedule is as follows. In some cases, we’ll be culturing different yeast strains in Che (the yeast propagator downtown):

Summer: Jenever, Strathpeffer, Farmhouse Saison, Sour Red Belgian, Ordinary Bitter, Haggis Laddie (Celtic Red for the Kentuckiana Celtic Fest on August 22)

Fall: Wet Knobs Fresh Hop, ConeSmoker, Belgian IPA, 7th Anniversary Ale, Tripel, more to be determined

Winter: Naughty Claus, Bonfire of the Valkyries, Double Croupier, Smoked Rye Porter, Quadrupel, Hoosier Daddy, more to be determined.

Spring 2010: To be determined.

(part two to come)

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