Friday, August 28, 2009

Chef Josh and his staff are the MVPs of Bank Street's first six months.

At the top is the "Scallops Provencal" whipped up on the spot for the missus Wednesday night at Bank Street Brewhouse (she's waiting for Solidarity's return to have a beer), and at bottom is a portion of savory duck -- on polenta, if memory serves.

As I've noted, we really didn't understand how off-the-chart we were being in proposing to pair a kitchen like Josh's (and sous chef Andrew Gunn's) with craft beer. Food this good is supposed to come with a wine list attached, right?

Not necessarily. Beer offers a wider range of pairing possibilities. All that's needed is a paradigm/propaganda shift.

Josh, Andy and the kitchen crew have been the undisputed MVPs of our first six months in business downtown. The beer/food consciousness is slowly seeping in, and now that the regular house beers are being brewed in back, and the roster of seasonals and specialties is being produced at Grant Line, I have this feeling that critical mass is just arond the corner.

Hats off to the kitchen crew!

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