Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jared reports from Brew at the Zoo.

NABC's Jared Williamson was working Brew at the Zoo yesterday, and he submits this report from the brewery front lines. In many respects, Jared is the conscience of the company, and given his hard work and diligence, I'm delighted that he enjoyed the moment and decided to write about it.


Well, they had the biggest turn-out ever for BATZ this year, and it was packed everywhere. We had a line 30+ deep all day and only had about 1 gallon of Phoenix left at 9pm. We were the last brewery pouring after 8pm.

Malcolm's was wonderful at 7 months, this is a great batch. The 1/6bbl lasted all of 40 minutes.

The Hoptimus 1/6bbl lasted 24 minutes. At one one point the tap was continuously open for 20+ pours in a row with 3 people pouring for the public. I think once the hops get dialed up people are going to start a religion.

What we won was "Best Of Brews 2009", for "Best presentation and spirit among the Breweries". I accepted the award at the band shell around 7pm, which was a framed plaque and a metal monkey sculpture. I proudly held both high in the air as I walked back through the crowd to our area. People were cheering and clapping. Once I got back in the Oasis tent I started singing "ole, ole, ole!" (traditional futbol song for the uninitiated), which the people in our line joined in the singing. I displayed both awards on top of the truck for all to see. Quite the moment.

All in all it was a great day at the zoo. We left an impression on the crowd per usual, and we were the "IT" brewery.

The hype continues and grows.

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Great beer! I tried them all!