Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Demanding list of Liver Olympic events for the week.

As of today, the 2009 edition of our Gravity Head "Liver Olympics" is ten days old, and roughly one-third of the listed contestants are depleted: Gravity Head 2009 lineupdate.

Tonight there'll be incoming: Bus from Louisville to Gravity Head this Tuesday, March 10.

On Thursday, we're tapping a keg of Schlafly with a special baseball opportunity attached: Thursday, March 12: Come to Schlafly Tripel Night for a chance to win St. Louis Cardinals-Chicago Cubs tix.

The weekend's going to be crazy; in addition to the following, it looks like NABC's new Bank Street Brewhouse will be open for business on Friday (more on that a bit later today):

March 12-16
“Kim’s Coming to Town”
To know the Publican is to know his Danish friend Kim “Big Kim” Andersen. Kim, a member of the Danish Beer Enthusiasts, will be coming to New Albany for a well-timed visit and stay at the fabled Chez Baylor bed & breakfast. Look for us in the Public House and/or Bank Street Brewhouse. We’ll be the big guys.

Saturday, March 14
“My Wild Irish Rose”
NABC will again participate in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade along Baxter Avenue & Bardstown Road in Louisville.

Saturday, March 14
“FOSSILS Meeting with Ron Downer”
The FOSSILS homebrewing club meets in Prost, and will welcome special guest Ron Downer. Ron is a legendary homebrewer & professional brewer, but more importantly, he is a dear friend of the public house owners and regulars. Not yet a member of FOSSILS? Then join up.

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