Friday, March 06, 2009

A bit about NABC's beer at NABC's Bank Street Brewhouse.

Jared Williamson spent the week building and then tweaking the draft system for the soon-to-open Bank Street Brewhouse.

There'll be a total of 12 taps, which is a far cry from the 38 at the Public House, but remember that Bank Street is dedicated to the furtherance of NABC's house beers, both in the sense of expanded distribution once the brewhouse is installed in April, and also to the selection available in the downtown eatery/taproom.

Never say never ... but guest beers in any form, kegged or bottled, are not anticipated at this time.

Ten of the taps are for standard kegs, and there'll be no serving tanks at BSB. The core portfolio will be brewed at BSB, with seasonals and specialties brewe and kegged at Grant Line. We'll transport kegs back and forth as necessary so that NABC is represented at both establishments, although there will be times when the lineup differs. Showcasing the NABC product line at BSB will occasionally mean having fewer NABC beers on draft at Grant Line, especially in the beginning before the new brewery is producing.

Two of the BSB taps are handpulls. We will be trying to keep cask-conditioned Beak's Best on tap at all times, with the second handpull rotating.

20-ounce pours will be standard for most, though not all, NABC beers. Half-pints will also be available, as will sampler trays and carry-out growlers. Once the brewery is going full throttle, we'll begin re-examining the future canning prospects as originally promised.

Keep checking back. We'll be open any day now.


Timothy said...

Canning! Now that's the kind of stuff I'm loving. Some of the best, freshest micros I've had have been out of a can.

Mike said...

fantastic news all around, especially the rotating hand-pull.