Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exhaustion and pride.

Thanks to everyone who came out to sample the Bank Street Brewhouse yesterday afternoon and evening. It was a fine start for us, and we'll be working to iron out the kinks as the next stage (brewery installation and exterior work) begins.

I apologize about the food/kitchen confusion yesterday. I was confused, too. I did a fairly poor job of articulating the lunch time vs. dinner time information, and we hadn't quite gotten an "interim" snack menu in place ... then, to top it off, we ran through a big volume of edibles at lunch with no time to prep the evening.

Chef Josh let most of the kitchen crew go home and sleep, and put together an impromptu evening menu of soup and a cheese plate that went over quite well. The beer was flowing freely, and the atmosphere was festive.

In the context of our previous experience, the Bank Street project throws a few curveballs. We've always done a day-long pizza and sandwich menu; now, at Bank Street, we have a kitchen and a creative menu that make different demands in terms of time, and with the way that I must conceptualize the marketing plan. It'll take a couple of weeks, but we'll get there. Tuesday through Saturday will be lunch and dinner menus, with snacks (cheese plate, etc) in between. Sunday will be a different (and currently evolving) plan for the food, perhaps a lighter bill of fare (salads, soups) for YMCA patrons and weekend bicyclists.

NABC beer, Southern Indiana wines, a small list of selected spirits and craft sodas will be available at all hours.

Ironically, with my out-of-town guest Kim in tow, and seeking to expose him to as many good things as possible over the weekend, we actually left Bank Street Brewhouse early Friday evening and went to La Rosita's to dine. We could do this because the staff was completely on task, which feels good.

Rosita's was packed, too, and in all three seating areas. The food was wonderful as always.

Thanks again for the support. We have plenty of work to do, and are exceedingly optimistic about the prospects.

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jimmy said...

any plans to offer a vegan option or two?