Monday, March 09, 2009

Wholesaler team coming to visit on March 20, and bringing tasty breakfast with them.

One of our Public House wholesaler, Cavalier Distributing, handles the fine beers brewed by Founders Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, Michigan).

Founders brews an excellent barrel-aged stout: Kentucky Breakfast Stout. For the first time ever in 2009, Cavalier received an allotment of draft KBS, and the Public House is purchasing one of the kegs. Had it arrived sooner, it would have been listed for Gravity Head. This doesn't mean we can't pour it.

So, for the occasion of the Cavalier sales and management crew's annual expedition to Gravity Head on Friday, March 20, we'll be tapping the KBS as a special Liver Olympics addendum. Of course, all customers may partake of the bounty -- and say hi to the folks who bring these kegs to us.

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The Homeroaster said...

Oh happy day. I can't wait to try this wonderful brew from a keg. How about the Schlafly Bourbon Stout too?