Saturday, February 28, 2009

"The Liver Olympics" rolls into Day Two.

I posted a brief state of the Saturday morning Gravity Head union piece at NA Confidential:

Happy Gravity Head to you, too.

The jury's out on Bon Chien, which was scratched and replaced by Black Albert, which proved exquisite. The Swiss beer's brewer (ironically, he's stateside now) believes Bon Chien needs more time in the keg to mature, so I suppose we'll tuck it back into Cellar #3 and make another attempt in June or July.

The Bell's Expedition/Double Cream blend was an obvious hit, as was the Scotch-heavy Ola Dubh. The Bell's blend was only a quarter-barrel and may already have blown. I didn't make it to the Moylan's or Het Anker.

Once I make it into work later this morning, there'll be a fresh overview here. Before then, build-out progress at Bank Street needs to be assessed. On Sunday, I'll get the lineupdate page started.

See you in a couple of hours.


Rick said...

It's true, the Bell's Expedition/Double Cream is gone. It was awesome while it lasted though!

Nathan said...

Hey, I see the dogfish head theobroma didn't make the final gravity list. I was really looking foward to that one, any chance of getting some later in the year? Is it on the bottle list?

The New Albanian said...

We'd been told to expect another Theobroma, but it was not to be, so I pulled the listing.

Efforts will continue. We may try to do another Dogfish theme week later this year (last July we did one of those).

Nathan said...

I'll keep an eye out then. Looking forward the rest of gravity head 09.