Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Gravity Head update: Program editing slogs forward.

Education sometimes extends to the educator, and this has been true this year as I've prepared the Gravity "Liver Olympics" Head official program.

My initial resolution was to do it differently, primarily because five years of the same format has me wanting to scream in agony. Then, in keeping with the direction we're hoping to follow a bit later this year with the bottled beer list, there came the inspiration to organize the selections by style.

In turn: Does some semblance of wood or barrel aging determine style before or after considering the beer itself, i.e., should a bourbon barrel stout be listed by barrel-aged, or by stout? I decided that barrel-aging in any variety should take priority over the style, which also must be noted ... which is an exception to whatever other writing style guidelines used to maintain consistency.

I noticed that I'd listed Dogfish Head's Pala Santo Marron as "off the wall" and not "barrel-aged" -- but the whole point is the Paraguayan wood, right?

My point is two fold:

(1) Sorry it has taken so long to get the programs finished. Now you know why.

(2) The final program version will, in fact, be official ... forget anything else 've told you.

And, don't forget to vote. After ten tallies, it's 2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1, but I'm not going to tell you which keg has the lead.


antzman said...

Hopefully someone else as enlightened as I am voted with me to put my keg in the lead....

David said...

I support the "barrel-aged" designation. Major festivals/competitions now use this system usually broken down further by gravity, sour, etc.