Thursday, February 05, 2009

Daily musing: To exist, or not to exist.

Two days ago we were told by the bank that everything was in place to close on the finances yesterday.

Yesterday we were told that until we had insurance on the brewing system, we couldn't close.

My undergraduate philosophy background has not prepared me for this sort of logic. I am being asked to insure something that does not yet exist so that I can have the money to bring it into existence.

How can one insure something that doesn't exist?

Funny world, this.

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Highwayman said...

Let me guess---the insurance company says they can't write the policy without first having the specific make, model & serial number of the equipment.

Following which the manufacturer informs you that said data is the last piece of the process instaled just prior to shipment.

You're correcdt. It's a wonderous world!!