Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cask-conditioned Bell's HopSlam on the handpull tomorrow (Thursday, February 12).

Tish, our World Class rep, said she caught a break, and as a result we were able to obtain a firkin of cask-conditioned Bell's HopSlam.

I've learned not to ask questions, just sign the check, look the other way, and have an alibi ready and waiting.

NABC's beer manager Mike says there's no room for storage (we already have three regular kegs of HopSlam for Gravity Head, not to mention dozens of others in the queue), and so the firkin will be tapped tomorrow, Thursday the 12th.

That's the right call, because in dispensing it now, Mike knows you will be able to have some, and there won't be an opportunity for me to spirit the firkin to the next Gang of Seven/Bank Street organizational "meeting."


I recommend not waiting until Friday.

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