Thursday, August 14, 2008

Abolish buzz kills. Drink Heine Brothers' Coffee Stout at BBC's "Up All Night" bash tomorrow.

The Curmudgeon has been down this path before, but this year's rollout of Heine Brothers' Coffee Stout is being accompanied by a great afternoon party idea tomorrow at BBC on Shelbyville Road.

As one who is growing ever fonder of the mixture of coffee and stout, I'll try to make this one. If so, I hope to see some of you there. Here's the press release from Mike Mays.


BBC and Heine Brothers’ Coffee tap coffee stout at
Up All Night party August 15

Louisville, Kentucky: Local brewpub Bluegrass Brewing Company and coffee shop Heine Brothers’ Coffee have collaborated on a product blending the best of both worlds: an oatmeal stout brewed with a touch of fair-trade, organic coffee.

Their worlds collide in an Up All Night celebration August 15 at BBC’s St. Matthews store, 3929 Shelbyville Road, beginning at 3 p.m. Employees dressed in their pajamas will serve breakfast for dinner, including fried eggs; country ham and biscuits with red-eye gravy, and coffee stout cheesecake.

Carnival games like corn hole, ring toss, and a Wheel of Fortune knock-off will allow partiers to compete for t-shirts, coffee, gift cards, and more. One lucky person will win a growler of beer each month for a year.

Acoustic musician Tamara Dearing will perform beginning at 7 p.m.

BBC has twice before experimented with brewing stout flavored with Heine Brothers’ Coffee. The result: a full-flavored but light-bodied, lightly carbonated brew that sold quickly.

For the Up All Night celebration, Heine Brothers’ Coffee Stout will be poured through a special tap – often called a “Guinness” tap – so that it foams, forms cascading bubbles, and produces a creamy head.

“It seems natural to start a series of monthly celebrations with Heine Brothers’ Coffee Stout,” says BBC owner Pat Hagan. “It’s the fastest-selling seasonal brew we’ve ever made.”

Heine Brothers’ Coffee opened in 1994 and is the oldest locally-owned coffee shop in Louisville. Seven stores and a roastery employ more than 100 people. BBC opened in 1993. It has two restaurants employing about 80 people.

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