Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Coffee stout and a Gravity Head starter from BBC (St. Matthews location).

It’s time for news from Bluegrass Brewing Company’s original Shelbyville Road location. First, a press release describes a new "cooperative" brewing venture, and then Brewmaster Jerry "Cut 'n' Run" Gnagy provides a heartfelt preview of the latest listed Gravity Head 2007 selection, BBC Leah's Etrange.

Bluegrass Brewing Company in St. Matthews and Heine Brothers' Coffee have teamed up to make a Coffee Stout. Heine Brothers' Coffee is roasting a special “custom” roast for Bluegrass Brewing Company using organic, fair trade, coffee beans from Mexico. This special coffee roast that we are using will bring out smooth, mellow flavors that complement the characteristics of an “oatmeal stout”.

There are many ways to add coffee to beer, and with the help and advice from the Heine Brothers roaster, Todd Stanis, and co-owner Mike Mays, we determined that adding ground coffee to our hot wort (unfermented beer) after boiling would extract good flavor without adding bitterness or burnt flavors. We will also add freshly brewed coffee after fermentation is completed and the beer is ready to be served, to give the absolute freshest coffee flavor and aroma.

We will be serving the stout at Bluegrass Brewing Company around February 9th in 20 oz Imperial pints with a Heine Brothers sleeve around the glass. If the brew is as successful as we anticipate, there is a possibility we will be offering this coffee stout in 750ml bottles at liquor stores though out the state.

BBC’s Oatmeal stouts was brewed with English roasted barley and caramunich malt, to give a roasted and slightly sweet malt flavor. The addition of flaked oats lends creaminess and body to this pitch black ale.

Alcohol by Volume = 6.8%
International Bittering Units = 25.0
Original Gravity = 15.5
Brewed on 1-19-07

When asked what he wanted to showcase at Gravity Head 2007, Jerry offered several possibilities, but this one intrigued me the most. Perhaps he can yet be persuaded to part with a keg of the classic Mephistopheles Metamorphosis ...

Leah's Etrange ... the original name was La Biere Foncee Etrange, but that's too much French for me, so we named it after one of the longtime servers here.

It is strong Belgian dark ale brewed with a bunch of Belgian malts, Amber candi sugar and pureed raisins, then fermented with Trappist high-gravity yeast and Berliner Weisse wheat yeast, which really gives it a tart and fruity finish. I would liken it to a sour Belgian red or an old bruin, but without the bacteria. I think it is one of the most off-the-wall, complex and interesting beers I've ever made.

We are going to put some in a couple side bung kegs with some oak or fruit if that interests you, but it's good just the way it is, too.

ABV 9.2%
OG 20.0
IBU 16.0
Brewed on 8-10-06

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