Tuesday, January 16, 2007

(Your name here)Fest entry deadline was yesterday.

It’s Tuesday, January 16.

Some of you will recall this announcement, which appeared on December 11:

Here are the contest rules for (Your name here)Fest in May, 2007.

The essay submission deadline was yesterday. I’ve received five uniformly excellent entries, and once the swimsuit portion of the competition has concluded (not really), the panel will begin deliberations to pick a winner.

It isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it's going to be very difficult.


David R. Pierce said...

I ran into Ed Willard Saturday while grocery shopping. Ed says his submittal should win.

lupulinphile said...

If there is a swimsuit competition, I would like to withdraw me essay. Nobody should be subjected to me in a swimsuit

edward parish said...

Hey would that mean all Ed's? I still would vote for the George Schroeder Fest.

David R. Pierce said...

I'm with you Ed. I think every fifth year it should be CurmudgeonFest. (even though they are all CurmudgeonFest)

The Homeroaster said...

We should call it Ed Fest. Take your pick which Ed it infers. Two Ed's are better than one.
The other Ed