Sunday, January 14, 2007

January progress toward preliminary keg orders for Gravity Head 2007.

(Updated Wednesday, February 14)

March: It’s not just for basketball anymore.


Much to my delight, with each passing year it becomes simultaneously easier and far more difficult to describe the phenomenon of Gravity Head. It exists on real and symbolic levels, and has taken on a life of its own that sometimes seems to exist quite outside my control.

But I continue to try to control it. It's now crunch time, and I'm redoubling efforts to ensure that we have more gravity beers on hand than any sane person would ever attempt to corral. As of today, the order list is up to 40 (In 2006, 54 beers were listed). Of these, I'm guessing about 30-35 to be sure things. The three from Hoppin'Frog and Ringneck Ohio are provisional at present. You'll notice some glaring absences (Three Floyds, Dogfish, et al), but don't worry yet. Feelers are out, and foraging is being conducted.

Tip off is 11:00 a.m. on March 9th. Start arranging those designated drivers now ...

* never before on draft at the Public House and Pizzeria

# already in stock

Microbrewed Gravity (36)

Imported Gravity (22)


Scratched as of 15 February 2007

Corrected errant B. United links

Great Divide Oaked Yeti replaced with straight Yeti

De Dolle Boskeun (Belgium) 9% abv

De Dolle Oerbier (Belgium) 7.5% abv

Goliath (Gouyasse) Tripel (Belgium) 9% abv ... unavailable in time

Hoppin’ Frog Gulden Fraug (Belgian Abbey) 10.5% abv ... still possible

Lucifer 8.5% abv ... wholesaler issues


barenada said...

About the Mad Bitch - do you know if it will be the real stuff or that damed oak-aged abomination?

The New Albanian said...

Now now ... yes, it will be the unalloyed ale.