Sunday, January 21, 2007

Source reports three impending Belgian arrivals to Southern Hoosierland.

Watching the international brewing players -- even the smaller ones, and even the "better" ones -- shuffle portfolios, mergers and acquisitions can be like eying a streetcorner shell game and trying to guess where the ball (or the beer) went.

Here at home, availability always has been subject to these ever mutating machinations. Last week I received this welcome update from Bob, my (and Todd's) contact at World Class Beverages:

Maredsous and Rodenbach are coming to Indiana in about the same timeframe. Duvel USA has now released those products for Indiana , but it will likely be a while before the supply chain catches up to that release. Previously, many Duvel USA products were tied up in other distribution arrangements that Duvel had no direct control over, but that is now changing. Maredsous and Rodenbach should both be available in draught as well as bottles.

My memories of Maredsous are sketchy, but Rodenbach's the classic keeper in spite of its recent modernizing treatment. Go to Duvel Moortgat's European-based web site for the skinny on the company's product line, including the Brasserie Achouffe deal -- old news, but something I'd not gotten around to noting here:

Duvel Moortgat

I keep meaning to ask the folks at B. United International what Chouffe's acquisition by Moortgat does to their longtime exporting arrangements. Maybe I'll do that this week.

Meanwhile, here's more news from Bob:

Chimay draught is likely to be in Indiana sometime about April or May of this year. Paterno Wines is no longer handling the import of Chimay for the Midwest US, so draught is now a distinct possibility and should be coming in several months.

As of 2004, the only Chimay available in draft form was its Blanche/White. I'm not sure if this is the case now, and at any rate, the notion of Chimay on draft interests me less than the prospect of Rodenbach returning at long last to Indiana.

It is my belief that most Trappists should be bottle conditioned, although I can imagine exceptions, and probably have consumed a few.

But it looks quite nice on a resume ... and the chalkboard.

Just don't tell Mike Seate we were talking about it.


Highwayman said...

Although I've never claimed to be a beer expert, my sense is that Trappists Ales should indeed be bottle conditioned.

As a truck driver, I've seen how kegs are handled at docks and I can just imagine how that would disturb those fine brews.

It would take way too long for it to settle down and I for one, wouldn't want to endure the torture of knowing it's there, but unfit to drink!

edward parish said...

Is the Rodenbach Grand Cru still available? Grand memories of us all being there in '98.

antzman said...


It looks like the Grand Cru from Rodenbach is still available. The Alexander, which was a personal favorite has been retired.

I personally cannot wait to get these back in the area. It has taken several months of persistant calling to assure them that there is a market for Rodenbach in Indiana. I had several customers of mine call in as well asking for their beer in the area too. I figured it could not hurt to have more than myself calling.


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