Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Volksfest 2008 final (almost) beer list.

Inaugural Volksfest coming to Clay Street in Louisville this Saturday, August 23.

At Volksfest this Saturday, there will be three places to purchase beer. Insofar as possible, there will be a standardized price for the cups poured, with beer tickets sold on site being used as the unit of currency (not cash).

Note that the intent of this gathering is one of good times but also unity between local craft breweries. Several members of Louisville’s brewing community have been working diligently to prepare the ground for a guild or trade group comprised of local craft brewers, and if possible, leaflets explaining this will be available at the fest site on Saturday.

Add it to the list of things for me to do! Meanwhile, here’s the beer lineup.

All current BBC draft selections will be available, including favorites like APA, Amber (Alt), Dark Star Porter, Nut Brown, Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout and others. Check the selections at BBC’s web site for further details.

BBC Main & Clay Oktoberfest
Hofbrauhaus (Newport) Oktoberfest
Schlafly Oktoberfest
Great Lakes Oktoberfest
Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest

BBC-St. Matthews Heine Brothers’ Coffee Stout
Browning’s St. Hildegard Helles
Cumberland Cream Ale
NABC Elector
NABC Hoptimus
Upland Dragonfly IPA
Barley Island TBA


Sean said...

Just out of curiosity, but is it just an oversight that "Brews at the Zoo" is at the same time this weekend, as well? Or is there something else behind having two microbrewery festivals on the same weekend in the same city?

All of the sudden, I'm conflicted about which to go to...

The New Albanian said...

Sean ... we've been having this discussion over at the Louisville Hot Bytes forum, which I believe you attend periodically.

It is neither an oversight nor a provocation, but something from which we're all trying to derive future benefit, so I hope that next year the two do not coincide.

Sean said...

That teaches me for not hitting all my normal hangouts before posting. I should have known. Oh, and I attend more often than I post. ;-)

BTW, I appreciate you being honest and fair about the situation with regard to Brew at the Zoo. I hadn't noticed BBC not being on the list.