Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Contact NABC's councilman and weigh in on the smoking ban.

As reported previously, on Thursday, August 21, the Common Council of the City of New Albany will consider 2nd and 3rd readings of an ordinance to prohibit indoor smoking in all workplaces in New Albany.

The proposed ban is comprehensive and would include Sportstime, Rich O's and, in fact, the entire building. As in Louisville, all smoking would have to take place outdoors. As with other such bans, the ordinance is predicated on workplace safety for employees with reference to second hand smoke.

The vote on the first reading two weeks ago was 5-4 in favor. If passed and not vetoed by the mayor, the smoking ordinance would become law in 60 days (circa October 22).

Our business is located in the 6th council district. Our councilman is Jeff Gahan, who is also council president. Mr. Gahan is a ban proponent, has voted in favor of the ordinance, and presumably will do so again.

I am not telling you what to think, only asking that whether you are in favor or opposed, please take the time to convey your thoughts to our councilman:

Jeff Gahan
1122 Eastridge Drive
(812) 949-9314

For further reading, go to http://www.cityofnewalbany.blogspot.com/. It might take a while to read what I've written to date, so light a nice cigar first.

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