Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heads up: Changes to the Volksfest draft beer lineup.

When it comes to festivals, beer lineup changes are inevitable.

For Volksfest on Saturday, Great Lakes Oktoberfest is a scratch. It turned out that the local supply had been allocated, and we couldn't tap into it (and rightfully so).

The best substitute we could find on short notice is Samuel Adams Oktoberfest, from Boston Beer ... now, after Anheuser-Busch's merger, the largest American brewer. Wow.

On the micro side, Barley Island begged off owing to boiler problems that have left the Noblesville IN brewer pretty short on stock. NABC will be throwing substitutes into the fray and taking three taps instead of two.

NABC Elector all day
NABC Croupier all day
NABC 1/4 bbl. of Elsa (Imperial Pils) from 2-7 (or blown) followed by NABC Hoptimus (one 1/2 bbl)

For the complete current scoop on Volksfest, go here.

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