Friday, August 15, 2008

Louisville Vanguard Cinema event & NABC beer TONIGHT!

The backers of Louisville Vanguard Cinema are holding a fundraiser tonight, and NABC beer will be available.

It's the first event for the embryonic "local dine-in, drink-in, dual-screen independent cinema," which at the moment is a concept waiting for backing. It's also NABC's first official Kentucky appearance since being approved for distribution in the Commonwealth through the River City wholesaling house.

I wrote about the cinema project a couple months back: Coming soon: Louisville Vanguard Cinema ... and good beer there, too.


The Original BBC Brewmaster said...

The Machine Girl trailer:

Nothing better than a revenge movie, unless it's a revenge movie with good beer.

The New Albanian said...

I couldn't watch after the Drill Bra.

The Original BBC Brewmaster said...

Was that before or after the Finger Sushi rolls and face skin tempura?

Bryce has been going on about this movie since it came out.

Richard said...

Gotta love the sushi rolls!