Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Calendar check: Monday, February 25 Schlafly meet ‘n’ greet with stouts and munchies.

Scott, our area rep for Schlafly, stopped in today to suggest a pre-Gravity head stouts and munchies reception in the Prost wing of NABC, and a chance to taste two vintages of Schlafly Imperial Stout ('06 and '07 bottles) alongside a new draft release, Schlafly Irish Export Stout (8% abv).

Better yet, company president Dan Kopman and head brewer Stephen Hale will be present, too. They’ll be in Louisville to confer with a prominent Kentucky distilling company over the use of bourbon barrels to make beers like these even better.

Yummers. We’ll have some munchies to help ease the stress as you begin limbering your livers for Gravity head, which roars out of the gate on Friday, February 29.

Stay tuned for further details.

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