Friday, February 15, 2008

Upgrading the “everyday” guest imported draft selection at the Public House.

The next two weeks are about Gravity Head, but when our annual exercise in bacchanalia has run its course, I’m planning on a few changes at the Public House.

Specifically, we’d like to upgrade the “everyday” guest imported draft selection by adding a few spouts to the front keg box behind the bar. The additions? They're my personal favorites.

The impetus for this is two-fold.

Seeing as our major priority for the foreseeable future is implementing Operation Progressive Pint and opening another (production) brewery and taproom in downtown New Albany, I’d like to see the pub and pizzeria operating at peak efficiency. You’ll see what I mean when you read the list below.

And, this further enhances and delineates our imported draft selection from our house-brewed beers, and as importantly, from any and all conceivable competitors.

Currently we have two draft towers with two spouts each. The idea is to add one spout to each, and install a custom tower in the middle.

The custom tower will be obtained from the importers of Delirium Tremens, who will perform that valuable service if we vow to keep DT, Nocturnum and Noel on tap year-round.

So, that’s one: Delirium Tremens.

The other four Belgians: Rodenbach Classic, La Chouffe, Saison Dupont (occasionally rotating its sister Dupont brands) and Chimay Tripel. The Belgians will be 10-oz pours.

And, two Germans: Schlenkerla Marzen and Aventinus Weizen Doppelbock. The Germans will be half-liter pours.

Preliminary work remains to be done, primarily seeing to it that our suppliers can keep these brands coming, and make sufficient signature glassware available.

If all goes as planned, look for the new permanent guest tap additions in late April.


barenada said...

I'm excited about the Delirium triad, but I'm especially excited about the Marzen.

Kris K said...

Wonderful news, I'm definitely excited!