Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Follow-up: Wine and Beermakers Supply is open for business.

In July, I reported the sad news that Dave Streckfus, longtime owner of Wine and Beermakers Supply on Westport Road in Louisville, had died after a battle with cancer.

My friend Ann Steckfus provides this update:

Wanted to see if you'd mind doing a followup news bit about Dave Streckfus and the store he and his wife, Dina, owned. Dina told me that she'd seen on the Potable Curmudgeon that there was some speculation about the future of the store with Dave having passed away.

Dina is still operating the store and has no plans to close it or sell it.

Her daughter, Loreana Sutherlin, will be taking care of the website and handling the on-line sales, and Dina and her employees will continue handling the retail store operation.

Thanks to Ann for this piece of good news. If you're a homebrewer or winemaker, don't forget!

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