Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another beercycling casualty is profiled.

The Florida State sweatshirt is no more. I left it at Camp Drusus outside Prague to lighten the load for the trip home, which turned out to be a futile endeavor following the purchase of a stylish Budweiser Budvar sweatshirt at U Medvidku, which will be the topic of a later essay.

The prominent stain on the front came on the very first full day of the trip, or more specifically, after the first full day. We'd already drained numerous half-liters of beer during Bamberg's Sandkerwa street festival, and stopped for a late night snack at a doner kebap window. My first bite of the loaded goodie sent special Turkish sauce cascading across my FSU relic (I'm not a fan - it was a gift), and the rest is ... a refusal to launder clothing I'd already decided to discard. Posted by Picasa


Matthew D Dunn said...

Your barn door's open dude.

The New Albanian said...

It looks that way, but actually it's the elastic belt piece hanging down.

I considered doctoring the photo, but decided that wouldn't be honest, and besides, an occasional bit of fun at my expense isn't a bad thing.