Saturday, October 07, 2006

The joys of Znojmo air conditioning.

I wouldn’t say that Pivovar Hostan’s lagers are the Czech Republic’s best, but they’re not at all bad, and the brewery’s location adjacent to the castle atop the biggest hill in the city of Znojmo is impressive.

We weren’t able to arrange a tour, but no matter. While walking along the path that skirts the hillside brewery and leads to the castle entrance, Kevin and I suddenly were immersed in a cool breeze that smelled like fermenting beer.

It was rushing from this cellar vent.

It was enough to make grown men thirsty, and a short time later we sat at the patio of a nearby hotel restaurant, enjoyed draft Staropramen (we’d already had Hostan the previous day), and basked in warm holiday sun.

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