Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For a net gain of one tap.

On Monday we muscled our new Beverage Air keg box into place, and yesterday the installation was completed. Tech guru Danny Burns of Monarch Beverage Company got the ball rolling, and NABC’s Jared Williamson did the rest.

We’d held off replacing the old three-tap box until the end of September, since that’s the slowest time of year, but with hop fest time drawing near, the extra spouts were needed.

See: End of an era: Keg box swap.

On Tuesday, Jared mounted two double tap towers, bringing the total taps available in the Public House and the Pizzeria to 34, a net gain of 1 over the previous total. This doesn't include the periodic use of the cask cabinet.

When Lupulin Land 2006 begins on Friday, the breakdown will be as follows:

NABC beers (including 2 Lupulin Land listed): 6
Lupulin Land listed: 14
Everyday guests (including 3 Lupulin Land listed): 10
Rotating guests: 3
Sprecher Root Beer (non-alcoholic): 1
Cask-conditioned (Lupulin Land): 1

That’s a lot of hops.

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David R. Pierce said...

I remember what a coup it was when you scored the original draft box. Draft Guinness in New Albany! Middle tap Wednesdays! These are the little things that have contributed to the success of Richo's.