Friday, May 19, 2006

NABC at Madison's Ohio River Valley Folk Festival tonight and tomorrow.

As reported yesterday in Publicanista!, next up on the spring/summer beer festival circuit is the Ohio River Valley Folk Festival, which will be running tonight and tomorrow (May 19 and 20) up the road from us in historic Madison, Indiana.

Here's a description of the event:

The Ohio River Valley Folk Festival will bring echoes to Madisonians living in the 21st century — echoes of how their ancestors worked, wrote and sang music, fashioned distinctive crafts and prepared foods unique to the people of a river town.

Obviously, this isn't a beer fest in the strictest of senses. NABC will be part of a lineup of libation vendors assembled by our longtime friend Steve Thomas of Madison's Thomas Family Winery, one that includes our brethren from Upland Brewing Co. in Bloomington. If you attend, you'll pay an entrance fee for the music, and purchase dollar increments tickets for use at the food and drink stands.

I'll be working the folk festival with the help of frequent Rich O's customers and FOSSILS members Jim and Debbie Frazier, with Dennis Stockslager providing crucial logistical support, i.e., he hauled the kegs to Madison for us.

Since Upland's bringing their whole line of styles, NABC will be free to work the niche side of the street with ConeSmoker and Elector as our only two selections. As always, the idea isn't to appease the masses, but to locate the eccentrics hovering around the periphery and to provide them with something different and memorable.

I'll be seeing some of you tonight and tomorrow.

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