Sunday, May 14, 2006

This just in: Jared reports on yesterday's Microfest in St. Louis.

Earlier this week in NABC's newsletter, I noted that the NABC brew crew -- Jesse Williams and Jared Williamson -- would be representing the company at yesterday's 11th Annual St. Louis (Missouri) Microfest.

Here's Jared's glowing report from the front:

hey roger,

all is well here, we were the hit of the festival yesterday, once the people tried us they just hung out all day. we went through 1/2 bbl of hoptimus, and a 1/4 bbl each of h-daddy, smoker, and thunder. we sold out of facist shirts in under 2hrs and could have sold 30+ more; people were taking pictures of the artwork, asking for hoptimus shirts, asking for online merch retail (this we should do). it was like christmas morning for beer lover in saint louis when they found us, and the word of mouth alone inside the festival was sending everyone to us. the only problem was that in the best of voting, hoptimus and thunderfoot had so many fans that they offset each other in the voting (not really a problem but you get the idea). probably 20+ people are planning trips to come see us in new albany. all in all well worth the trip, many, many converts to our revolution.

oh yes, hoosier means white trash in missouri-


I'm delighted that our brewers had such a wonderful time, and the reception accorded our beers illustrates yet again that perhaps precisely because passion and authenticity are increasingly rare commodities, they're seriously undervalued, and aficionados search hungrily for them as a result. To have made this point in the city where Anheuser-Busch made "lowest common denominator" an American housegold name is even more gratifying.

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