Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another Food & Dining Magazine deadline is upon me.

It's been time again to complete my quarterly column for Louisville's Food & Dining Magazine, which is a quality publication with a great subscription deal for those interested in food and drink with a local orientation.

Given the lead time required, what I wrote this weekend will appear in mid-summer, and the topic is the right beer for summertime grilling and cookouts:

Contrary to habit and other flaccid excuses you may have heard, the fresh heartiness of summertime comfort food begs for beer with the backbone to complement anticipated qualities like crisp, seared, smoky, ripe, delicious and humdinger.

In the issue released prior to Derby, a consideration of barrel-aged beer specialties was offered:

It’s a fallacy of palate-diminishing scale to dismiss innovation just because it’s not your father’s growler, for the pertinence of brewing tradition lies in one’s dedication to craft and respect for the art and science, not in slavish adherence to one specific way of doing things.

When appropriate, my articles for Food & Dining are reprinted here in the beer blog. In New Albany, pick up your copy at Destinations Booksellers.

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